We are different

Selling online to foreign markets requires a partner that manages all arising processes from fulfillment to accounting to marketing.  Obviously, there are quite a few service provider with different fields of expertise that you may or may not need. Most „full-service“ providers offer the one or the other service segment but rarely the whole package.

Zitra’s one stop solution constitutes a truly full service portfolio along the entire supply chain, across all phases and from one single source. This includes significant advantages for brands and retailers, such as:


Depending on your brands’ size, awareness and strategical aim we offer three different types of business models:

  • Marketplatce
  • Wholesale online
  • Digital distribution


Many service provider call themselves international – we own it. With head offices in our two expansion markets, we are  internationally scalable and fully cover the urgent need of being on the spot – culturally, legally and strategically:

  • Europe – Head office in Hamburg (Germany) and experts on-site in UK, IT, FR, NL
  • China – Head office in Beijing (China)
  • Multi-lingual key-accounting
  • Multi-lingual support


We provide the technical interfaces for all relevant marketplaces and fulfillment service covering:

  • International scalable fulfillment based on the outstanding logistical infrastructure of Otto and Hermes
  • B2B and B2C processing from one single stock – no matter which sales channel
  • Two-man handling in Europe
  • Multi-carrier management


We strive to offer a pioneering approach in order to run your business quick, smooth and with full transparency:

  • Virtual company (If you want to expand to Europe or China you usually need an own entity on-site. With Zitra there is no need for that hassle and complexity)
  • Professional BI tool (Quik-view)
  • Steady IT infrastructure (Navision, SAP, etc.)


We want you to get purest service for your money. That’s why we focus on a lean and transparent set-up and a rich outcome:

  • Transparent billing – no hidden charges or flat-rate charges
  • Price maintenance – no price increase or reductions will be made without consolidation
  • No further shipping costs for your customers
  • Price savings are directly passed on to the brand


Having a great product and a superior fulfillment infrastructure is only half the battle. To drive your sales stronger than others you need a competitive strategy to the end consumer:

  • Social Media Brand Boost – enhance your brand image with small budget
  • Professinal Keyaccounting – due to direct relationship
  • Media- and content-production by true experts


Last but not least we distinguish ourselves by our unique backbone.

  • Bridging continents and cultures is not an easy game. As part of JD.com and Otto Group, we ensure the highest level of professionalism and most of all advanced network
  • This enables us to not only focused on one industry  but serve all categories of products from fashion to water filters