Top 5 reasons why Europe’s e-commerce market is key 

Europe is the third biggest e-commerce market worldwide – thats great but not really catchy?True. But Europe certainly has advantages other markets do not possess. In our responsibility as a service provider we experience five convincing points in favor of the importance of the European online commerce market.

Strongest retail sector
: Online retail continues to grow significantly while sales channels continue to stagnate. The European e-commerce turnover managed to increase 13.3% to €455.3 bn in 2015. Compared to the 1.0% growth of traditional retail in Europe.

Established infrastructures: Due to it’s legal framework and highly developed logistical infrastructure Europe has advanced warehouse systems and a functioning network with strong economical potential.

New possibilities: The purchase power has not yet reached its climax. Given the growth anticipated in the upcoming markets in the South and the East, where B2C e-commerce is rapidly closing the gap with the more mature markets in Western and Central Europe.

Increased accessibility: The average internet penetration in Europe increased to 75.3% in 2015. For the countries in the European Union, this rate is slightly higher, as 81.5% of their residents was connected to the Internet last year

New business opportunities: Buyers have a limited purchasing budget. They want to test new products before purchasing directly. Marketplaces source out risks and processes by offering a mix of wholesale and consignment business. Brands, who want to offer the full assortment, can offer their products via marketplace business (Example scenario: 30% wholesale and 70% offered in marketplace business).