The wide reach and the extensive market size are two key arguments to sell via European online marketplaces. But the reality shows that most brands lack money, know-how and internal capabilities to do so. They need to invest in developing processes, matching IT and fulfillment infrastructure to serve these new sales channels in the interest of the consumer. 


By providing an unique marketplace solution for Europe, we invite the brands and marketplaces to share in the vision of a more effective and simple way of conducting business.

This means that Zitra takes care of the full on-boarding process. The brand will just have to deliver the products and basic data. From there on Zitra will take care of the technical implementation, warehousing, fulfillment and financial management.

Through collaboration with Zitra brands are able to establish new marketplace relationships. We provide the technology that delivers a seamless integration to multiple european marketplaces, plus handle all customs, duties and legal aspects of selling into a new region, and handle local returns on a low cost basis.


  • Brands will instantly open up its profile to a global audience
  • Enhance customer awareness in an international setting
  • No burden regarding the internal implementation of the capabilities, as Zitra will provide the required technical interfaces, at a cheaper cost and more importantly at a faster and more professional rate
  • Zitra manages the product sales data and the replenishment between brand and retailer: the product availability is always in real-time accordance with the sales status

Major plus for marketplaces working with Zitra clearly is the great professionalism they benefit from when it comes to on-boarding brands that would lack the technical know-how themselves. Moreover we ensure a constant flow of new exciting brands that we introduce via our global network.

With Zitra as its trading partner, the brand can focus on its core competences –  the development and manufacture of innovative designs and products.