Entering the Chinese e-commerce market is as tough as it is highly potential. Many brands  are blinded by the potential sales prospects and opportunities while underestimating the challenges that come along the way.

China is different

Chinas cross-border marketplace business demands e-commerce service providers as certified third parties. Due to technical, operational and lingual challenges direct business between western brands and Chinese marketplaces is highly complicated, and thus difficult to manage without certified service providers.

This is exactly where Zitra comes in: As a global trading partner, we enable brands to sell directly on Chinas biggest online marketplaces and and online shops by providing all services from a single source – technical interfaces, expertise, local know-how and a superior fulfillment solution as a one stop solution. As a joint venture by JD.com and with our own entity in the Europe, Zitra provides access for European brands to the fastest growing online sales channels in China.

Our cross-border solution consists of three elements: Consulting, consignment and wholesale.

We analyze to find the best option to enter the Chinese market with a specific brand/product group.


Zitra handles the product listing and selling technicalities as a trading partner for brands on marketplaces.


Zitra acts as an selling agency for Chinese trading companies; and for European brands as a sales agent.

Our aim is to provide services that simplify trade between Europe and China icluding

  • Data & Process management
  • Finance services
  • Virtual Company
  • B2B shop / order solution
  • Data management
  • Risk management
  • Contracting
  • IT interfaces
  • BI solution
  • Accounts receivable management
  • Invoicing /COA