We connect you to the leading B2C online marketplaces and shops. Zitra handles the product listing and selling technology as a trading partner for brands on marketplaces. Benefit from the experienced key accounting and get your business ready for the future.


With our wholesale model, Zitra acts as a sales agent for European and western brands and as a selling agency for Chinese trading companies.


For selected brands we offer the exclusive service of digital distribution. Here Zitra acts as your exclusive trading partner that buys the brand’s products and sells them via marketplaces. Thereby we completely eliminate the risk for the brand and smoothen processes.

... in one stop

Zitra offers a one stop solution that shortens the value chain by being one direct partner that offers everything from a single source and as a full service provider.

Europe is a key market

Europe is the third biggest e-commerce market worldwide – thats great but not really catchy? True. But Europe certainly has advantages other markets do not possess.

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and do not miss out China

The Chinese e-commerce market holds great potential for western brands that is still not being exploited to the full. With revenues of $560 billion in 2015, China is the world’s largest e-commerce market.

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One stop to Europe

Managing complex stakeholder relations cause the need for a professional and experienced partner which shares its market know-how and ensures that the brand stays in full control over their marketplace business in Europe:

Zitra offers a one stop solution to connect your brand to the top marketplaces in Europe covering the technical implementation, fulfillment services and financial management.

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And cross-border to China

To sell directly on the biggest online marketplaces or via wholesale to China, we provide you with a partner selection and management service out of one hand including the ideal logistical setup and performance-driven online marketing program to generate sales, create buzz, and drive engagement with consumers.

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Zitra’s core competencies in China

Analysis of market potential Identifying of potential buyers Recommendation of most promising sales channels

Zitra has real USP

We are different Selling online to foreign markets requires a partner that manages all arising processes from fulfillment to accounting...

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Frontend operations Marketplace management Daily article- and shop management Category management Frontend & banner designs Content...

“Deutsche Marken sollten endlich anfangen, den chinesischen Markt ernst zu nehmen”

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One stop to Europe

The wide reach and the extensive market size are two key arguments to sell via European online marketplaces. But the

Europe – one unit, many markets

Europe holds great potential to brands which sell their products via online marketplaces mostly because of the fact that Europe

Go cross-border with zitra

Entering the Chinese e-commerce market is as tough as it is highly potential. Many brands  are blinded by the potential

Top online retailer worldwide

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