Market potential analysis

We analyze the initial target market situation including brand awareness and price segments etc., provide you with a market overview per case-specific category such as market size, growth and main players, analyze your competitors and give you a concluding evaluation.

Online market entry strategy

We provide brands with a recommended core strategy including recommended sales channel and marketing strategy. Furthermore, we give you a tailor made sales channel strategy including product assortment and pricing strategy and recommend daily operations.

3-year business plan

After analyzing the brand, its environment and market potential in the specific target market, we carry out a 3-year business plan including a detailed cost breakdown and expected sales development.

Project roadmap

Many market entry concepts overload brands with innumerable bits of information and leave you none the wiser. At Zitra developing a business together means developing a roadmap that gives you an exact idea of the possible next steps from consultancy to go live.

Experts for China

The Chinese e-commerce market is just as tough to enter as it is highly potential.

As a western brand you are faced with high market entrance barriers and significant restrictions. An even bigger obstacle is the different shopping usability: Chinese consumers are much more price conscious and demand explicit product reviews, detailed images and detailed product information.

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Professional in Europe

Those who think that Europe is an easy target compared to China need to be disabused. Due to the diversity of Europe the challenges are manifold:

There are 23 different languages, different cultures and 16 different currencies. Despite it’s political unit, Europe is a highly fragmented market with a lot of small and medium sized merchants.

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Online Marketplace Strategy Concept China

You are keen on expanding your business to China? Right decision!
But before you find the right service provider that helps you setting up you should evaluate your market potential in order to check if your brand meets the requirements of the Chinese market and to avoid any unnecessary expense.

Online Marketplace Strategy Concept Europe

The European market is just as unpredictable for some brands as the Chinese’ though it feels more like home. We analyze your brand’s awareness and its environment in order to evaluate its market potential for expanding to Europe. We carry out an analysis to find the best option for you.

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Zitra’s core competencies in China

Analysis of market potential Identifying of potential buyers Recommendation of most promising sales channels

Zitra has real USP

We are different Selling online to foreign markets requires a partner that manages all arising processes from fulfillment to accounting...

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Entering the Chinese e-commerce market is as tough as it is highly potential. Many brands  are blinded by the potential

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