Scale up your brand in Europe via B2B and B2C vertical retail and multi-channel sales with ZITRA, a member of the Otto Group.
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International Marketplaces

We connect you to the leading B2C online marketplaces and shops such as Otto, LaRedoute, Zalando, AboutYou, Amazon, JD and Tmall. Benefit from the experienced key accounting and get your business ready for the future.

Data Management & Creation

We manage your product data and improve your online brand image. Increase your sales and product availability with the know-how of the otto group including shop management, online marketing and in accordance with local needs.

Interfaces & Fulfillment

We provide the technical interfaces for all relevant marketplaces and fulfillment service covering international order management, B2C  logistics including an efficient return management, customer service and debtor management. 

Advantages for brands

Selling online means many changes for a brands‘ company. Especially logistics, IT, marketing, customer service and sales have to be restructured and focused on new B2C challenges. Brands need to invest in technologies, capacities and new employees to fulfill the requirements.

Zitra MTC is the better alternative. We offer you a full service solution in all respects:


  • Faster Process

    • Technical implementation
    • Fulfillment services
    • Financial management

  • Less

    • Cheaper, faster and more professional than building up internal capabilities
    • Utilize the infrastructure of Hermes
    • Protect and enhance your brand globally

  • Full

    • Stay in control of your brand and sales activities
    • Concession and wholesale
    • Increase the range of products available to retailers and customers worldwide